Currently motorbike spares our children from an early age want to ride a mini motorcycle or the illusion of parents in which our children can enjoy what is also our favorite hobby.

But the question many parents ask ourselves , is it really safe and appropriate for our children to ride a mini-bike? At Apollo Motorcycles we will help you motorbike spares make the right decision, that is why we have developed a questionnaire for you to review

The 9 questions to ask if or if, before riding a mini bike . At Apollo Motorcycles we offer you the 9 answers to those questions if you are going to drive with these vehicles or plan to buy one:

1) Is it safe for a child to start riding a minimoto at an early age?

Of course it is safe, always motorbike spares under the strict control of the parents or an adult, and in the right conditions. Driving this type of vehicle does not have to entail any risk for the minor.

2) Is it difficult to drive one of these vehicles?

Although it may seem the opposite to the parents, the children are able to ride a mini bike without problems and from the first day. It is essential to choose the vehicle well, based on the size and age of our son / daughter.

3) Can the motors be modified?

Surely you have ever heard it, someone who “tricked” the engine of his minibike and now goes faster. Although technically possible, it is not recommended, as it can shorten the life of the minimoto.

4) Can I ride a mini bike with another person?

You should not, excess motorbike spares weight will greatly penalize the mechanics of your vehicle, in addition to making driving difficult.

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5) Do you have a security device?

All minibikes come with various security measures so that our child can ride a minibike without risk; such as the fall stop system, speed limiter, chain guard, etc.

6) Can you ride a mini bike on the street?

No. Not being registrable, these vehicles cannot circulate on public roads. Its use is reduced to private rooms and closed circuits.

7) Is it mandatory to wear a helmet?

There is no regulation regarding off-road vehicles, whether they are minibikes, pit bikes or mini quads. However, from motorbike spares we always recommend the use of a helmet and the appropriate equipment for the safety of the rider.

8) 2T or 4T engine?

The 49cc minibikes almost all have a 2-stroke engine. The performance of both engines is not very different, since they do not develop their full capacity. The main difference is found when mixing the oil with gasoline (2T engine) or not (4T engine) .

9) Do you need any kind of maintenance?

In this blog we dedicate an entry to the maintenance of the minibikes . They really don’t need anything special, but as in any type of vehicle, it is advisable to carry out a periodic motorbike spares review.Now that you know the most important things before riding a mini bike , we hope you will put it into practice when buying your vehicle at Motos Apollo.