This is an example of such a complex and fragile design installation as an interlocking glass sliding glass door. What can be seen in the picture at the end of the article is that the installation is not so difficult and the home craftsman can do the work with his own hands, including questions related to transport and door measurement – the same is a fragile one.

The picture shows how visually increases the space of the furniture door and this is one of the biggest advantages and reasons why this process should be started if the walls are named as ” crush “.

For many years, the typical interior door was divided and attached to two rooms of a private house. But when they agreed to install and repair one of the furnace buildings, a new, more open and modern solution was needed.

sliding glass door

When you live in the same house for many years, sometimes you want to change something. For example, cut a window in the west wall to watch the sunset at night. Or tear down the room partition – for a more open sense of life. Soon, homeowners don’t know it will end!

In our case, at least a decade passed before a hard desire was created from the independent opinion of the owners: a wood-burning stove in the house and the usual swing door between the living room and the kitchen – table for glass slides.

I must say that large areas of glass, giving style, light and light to the residences, are an essential part of modern architecture. In this case, it is not only about greater brightness and more open living space, but also about dissipating heat between the two adjacent rooms. In this case, the next door swing and the expansion of the door first began the installation of a wood stove with the help of which it would be possible to heat not only the living room, but also the kitchen dining room. .

As you know, there are different options for glass doors.

The supporting structure, which puts a lot of weight on the sliding glass door – as a rule, a rail guide – can be attached to the roof or floor, which must stand up to that type. The weight of large sliding glass door leaves with metal plates can reach 200 kg, which can not be said from the light in the appearance of the glass structure.

However, with proper installation, even “big weights” can open and close easily and simply. In our case, during the renovation, we had to more than double the sliding glass door by putting a rail guide on the roof, as the large wooden rows were suitable for this. Ornate accounts and directions of the hanging structure struck the sides of the beams.

Good choice

Coated hard glass was chosen as the sliding glass door house. In Western Europe, two types of glass are used in such cases: single-layered – Einscheiben-Sicherheitsglas (ESG) and laminated – Verbund-Sicherheitsglas (VSG).

The difference between the two is that, due to the special treatment for damage, the single-layer ESG glass is broken not into sharp pieces, but into non-sharp elements, which are very reducing the risk of injury. In the VSG, the two glasses are bonded together with a transparent but very durable film. A powerful blow will, as a rule, have only one glass left on the film. In this case, no particles are formed, and the glass retains its integrity. In our case, the choice fell on single-layer ESG anti-reflective glass measuring 2450 x 1750 mm with a penetrating effect and screen printing, which allows diffused light to pass through.

Beauty and activity!

As a result of this reconstruction, on the one hand, the effect of openness appeared, and on the other hand, some division remained. The security side was not the last to play the role. As you know, a closed door made of transparent glass cannot be overlooked, but structured glass, in addition to greater visibility, has the unparalleled advantages of decoration.

sliding glass door

Sliding glass door positioning lesson:

Serving on the wall – When installing a guide rail, there are small nests from the wall. The thickness of the door jamb must be adjusted to the advance direction so that the distance from the sliding glass door to the wall is as short as possible.

Runs Smoothly – For reliable and unobtrusive operation of a glass-topped door, the lower guide is mounted directly on the amount of glass so that the door easily and simply moves clearly on a path pre-ordered.

Set up and install sliding glass door – step by step, step by step guide for drawing

1. Before inserting the frame into the sliding glass door, remove the old door frame. The opening widens significantly to the left and upwards by eliminating some of the brickwork.

2. To an extent that is affected when repairing a fragment of the floor, an active grip is applied to replace the demolished wall.

3. A tri-wet wood board with a thickness of 19 mm is placed on it and fixed until the glued production is completely dry.

4. Forming the door floor at the door shortened from the kitchen, after that …

5-6 … carry the 22 mm thick threshold from a cut lever. For more grip between the floor and the new threshold, pre-installed lamella plates.

7. The U-shaped U-shape (22 mm shape) is attached to the wall with ascending glue.

8. A deeper than normal sequence of movement will give a reliable correct position of the convexity.

9. Before the walls are finished, the sections between the frame and the wall are filled with acrylic sealant.

10. View of the door after installing a wooden frame and installing a wood burning stove.

11. Before attaching the door leaf to the roof beam, install an aluminum profile, which will overlay the sliding glass door.

12. To carry the 90-kilogram glass, it’s not helpers who are hurting.

13-14. The metal rail serves the edge of the glass and must be carefully inserted. Submit it …

15. … with special metal hex bolts.

16-17. At the bottom of the door jamb using a chisel, select small stones, so that the new rail can be placed as close as possible to the frame.

18. In the rail coming in from the hill, altered by the tension of the glass.

19. The glass sliding glass door must be installed by at least two people.

20. When the door is opened, its canvas should go behind the cabinet, which is pushed forward slightly.

21. Then with the help of bolts replace the cornice for the rail

22. For the best course of a sliding glass door it is necessary to change the parts on the floor.

23. Then install a stop to stop the door in the last position

24-25 he top rail needs to be adjusted so that the door stops gently on the right and left.

26. In pre-drill holes in the cleaning loc.