The layout, color, and content make up the vehicle wrap design. The combination and structure of these features form impressive and unique wraps and graphics that best showcase a brand. A successful vehicle graphics design creates long-lasting and memorable impressions that raise brand awareness. 

There are five important factors of vehicle wrap design to keep in mind: 

1) The Brand Is The Main Character Of The Wrap

A vehicle with a vehicle wrap design or graphics is a mobile ambassador of a brand promoting to the passersby, drivers, prospects, and customers encountered on the road. This is why the brand is the main character of a vehicle wrap. Brand name, color, mascot, tagline, and offerings, all these brand characteristics must prominently present on the vehicle wrap design.

According to the Visual Impact of Trucks In Traffic study by the American Trucking Association (ATA), 75% of vehicle ad audiences develop impressions about the advertised brand and its offerings. An Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) research also revealed that fleet advertising effectively raises brand recognition 15 times greater than other advertising forms. These discoveries make brand prominence an important vehicle graphics design selection criteria. The chosen vehicle wrap design must be able to instantly convey the message sender of the vehicle ad to its viewers.

2) Align The Vehicle Wrap Design With Goals

Marketing, sales, and organization development, are the three types of goals for vehicle advertisement. The vehicle wrap’s design is the key to achieving these goals as it directly triggers and influences the viewers’ behaviors to make the desired outcome happen. If the goal of the vehicle graphics is to raise brand awareness, the design should emphasize the logo, brand character, and its offerings. When it comes to driving new customer traffic, the design should feature an incentive that attracts customer visits such as a cost leader product or promoted offer. The content and layout of the vehicle wrap should align with the goals it intends to achieve.

3) Be Consistent Across All Marketing Channels

Vehicle advertising is only one of the advertising channels businesses use in their marketing strategy. Vehicle graphics, along with the other advertising channels, such as television, radio, internet, and outdoor, work together to send and reinforce a consistent marketing message to their targeted audiences. The Rule of 7 implies that it sometimes takes seven encounters before an audience can recall the repeated and consistent advertisement. Being able to correlate with other advertising efforts and present a consistent message is an important factor to consider when designing vehicle wraps and graphics. The design consistency should also be applied to fleet advertising. The adoption of the same vehicle graphics design is the recognition that helps identify multiple vehicles as a fleet.

4) Adapt Vehicle Graphics Design To Fit Budget

There is a direct relationship between the vehicle wrap design and its cost. The more complex and large scale the design is the more expensive the production and installation cost. Fortunately, vehicle graphics’ design versatility makes it budget-friendly advertising. Businesses with a budget constraint can go with a partial wrap or decal and lettering. A full vehicle wrap design offers the greatest opportunity to maximize visibility.

5) The Target Audiences Are The Muses

Always focus on the target audience when designing vehicle wraps and graphics. Consider them the muse that inspires the vehicle graphics design. Prospects, leads, customers, potential partners, partners, and employees are all target audiences of vehicle advertising. Just like the product or service being advertised, the vehicle graphics must be designed from the perspective of the viewer (user for products and services). The design must contain elements that the viewers can relate to in order to appeal to them and capture their attention. Drivers are one category of audiences that vehicle graphics frequently encounter, learning more about drivers’ behaviors and thoughts gave businesses better insights on how to effectively communicate with them. 

The Right Design Guarantees Vehicle Advertising Success

Quality material, skilled production, great design, and professional installation must all be done right for an impressive vehicle wrap. Among these aspects, the design is the most essential as it gives visuals to the graphics and is the most apparent quality that viewers can identify.

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