It is important to prescribe in detail the duties of the courier in the job description. For example, that he has to agree with customers by phone on the delivery time, deliver orders to addresses, accept cash from customers and transfer it to you, sign the customer acceptance certificates, pick up the goods from suppliers, and so on.

Couriers deal with material values: goods, money, they are often trusted to drive a car to deliver orders, so the responsibility for the loss and damage of goods, money for goods must be spelled out in the documents. After all, the courier can misappropriate the payment he received from the client, which is a criminal offense, and it is better if you have documents confirming how the courier should act.

In order for the courier to bear full material responsibility for the goods and the money that is transferred through it, it is necessary to conclude an agreement on full material responsibility, it can be executed with a limited list of employees.

One of them is his responsibilities include delivery and maintenance of material and monetary values.

Bears full material responsibility in the amount of damage if he has received property, valuables under a one-time power of attorney, or other one-time documents.

Employee will reimburse only the actual losses, but not those you have suffered due to his dishonest work.

For example, if the courier delivered the goods on time and the buyer refused the order, you can reprimand the courier, but the losses from the fact that the goods were not sold, he is not obliged to reimburse you.

The courier is the face of your store, it makes sense to write in the contract and job descriptions that it should look neat, that alcohol intake, delays, etc. are unacceptable.

Courier under the contract

Courier services can be received under the contract:

  • delivery of goods on behalf of the customer, documents, letters to the designated place;
  • paperwork;
  • receiving and transferring money.

In this case, you cannot ask the courier when to come to your office or at what time to deliver orders to customers. Within the executor performs work or provides a service according to a schedule convenient to him and is not subject to the rules of internal labor regulations. It is important to take this into account when signing the contract.

You will not pay for the work process, but the result is determined after the end of the work, formalized by the act of transfer of services provided, and on its basis pay for the service by agreement.

The contract for the provision of courier services can not prescribe liability, but you can include a clause on damages. How will the courier answer if he loses the money he received from the buyer for the order, breaks the goods, does not deliver on time?

Compensation for damages may be in the form of fines, penalties, full compensation.

You can prescribe that the courier is responsible for the parcels received from you for delivery in 100% of their value, if he loses or damages the order, delivers it to an actual customer, or does not arrange delivery, violates the delivery time.

And that is not responsible: for the internal contents of the shipment, if you handed him an order with damaged packaging, the description of the internal contents is not provided, and if the damage is detected packaging is not made, if not delivered the order through the fault of the customer.

When released from liability – if he proves that the loss, shortage, damage, or damage to the order was not his fault. For example, there was an accident, theft, attack and there is documentary evidence – a police report. All force majeure situations are prescribed in the contract.

How to compensate losses : partially or in full, in what terms – by agreement of the parties or during a specific period.

Under the contract, in contrast to labor, you can require the contractor to reimburse not only the actual losses but also the damage and lost profits. The violator will have to reimburse the damages caused by his actions.

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