You can start this topic if you have about three to four days to study at least a third of the variations on the topic of wedding rings that exist today. These are fancy, sintering, handmade models, with black diamonds, scrolling inserts, 6D diamond edges, and even puzzle rings (gala-gala or Puzzle-Ring).

At the risk of getting bogged down in descriptions, let us recall only the most popular and most original ones.

Paired. This is a timeless classic. One style, pattern, color for the rings of the bride and groom. But no one forbids taking a classic basis and diversifying it with an original design, right?

White gold. Such wedding rings look expensive, resemble platinum ones, and are very popular with jewelry designers because of the ability to combine them with anything. Glossy shine, matting.

With diamonds. An option that will perfectly match the engagement ring, but at the same time, will not lose its attractiveness, being placed on the finger solo.

Platinum. These are jewelry for centuries, platinum is a glorious long-liver among all metals, but as we already found out, white gold is very similar to it, especially 750. If you like to think that you are wearing platinum – do not hesitate to buy just such wedding rings. It’s at least beautiful, but also pleasantly stroking our ever-hungry egos.

Made of gold. A universal, time-tested option: the usual yellow or less common pink, with or without stones, of various shapes, designs, and an incredibly large assortment.

Simple rings. For everyone who prefers modest options at a pleasant, low price.

Unusual. The original shape, design solution, stones not typical for wedding flowers, development according to your own sketch, fancy dusting and any other whim. Your money, your wedding, your rules.

Male and female. The case when everyone has their own ideas about beautiful wedding rings.

Wide. Let’s repeat the material covered, the wide ones are 6-8 mm.

Slavic. Interesting, unusual jewelry, with a characteristic traditional pattern, attention to them is guaranteed.

Combined gold. Two or three types of gold, stones – a lot of things, but in this case everything is harmonious and stylish.

Brands and jewelry factories

Man placing a diamond engagement ring on the finger of his fiance. Shallow depth of field with focus on the ring.

It is a mistake to believe that eminent jewelry brands produce only exclusive jewelry. Of course, for $ 100, for example, you can’t find wedding rings for sure, except that it will be a good replica but in the format of jewelry. And yet, to fans of fine art, the legendary company can offer options for approximately the cost of two Cartier for each ring.

The standard of luxury, luxury jewelry – it is not easy to be among the top three jewelry companies in the world, but the owners of the wedding rings of this brand are still pleased to feel belonging to the world of haute couture.

Many seven collections of wedding rings, with prices ranging from surprisingly reasonable to one and a half million per piece.

For manufacturers, the shower is probably closer to the aspirations of buyers, because the price tag for wedding rings shows the numbers several times lower, at least universal options for wedding celebrations are offered. There is no exclusive, but everything is within the requirements for modern jewelry. High-quality gold, moderate design, comfortable shape – yes, the same Comfort-fit profile.

A heavyweight among domestic jewelry factories – over a century of work, jewelry creation, has acquired incredible experience in jewelry craftsmanship. The manufacturer’s collections evoke awe and delight at home and abroad. The dancing diamond is an idea that is magnificent in its originality, but at the same time, it is embodied impeccably.

The Jewelry Factory does not lag behind its colleague, and among the thousands of different rings produced by the enterprise, wedding rings can be put in a competitive comparison with foreign brands and fashion houses. An indisputable plus – only this manufacturer has the most detailed size range, the step is 0.25 mm, instead of 0.5 for others.

Trends and features of jewelry fashion

It is in the segment of wedding rings that domestic fashionistas and women of fashion do not exactly set the tone, they diplomatically ignore it – Western magazines choke on advice on what a wedding decoration should be, while buyers set their own rules.

Compatriots, when choosing a wedding ring, prioritize practicality: so that it does not interfere, does not touch the clothes and hair so that the jewel can be boasted on occasion, but not so that others envy the excessive luxury.

Perhaps the jewelry catwalk will explode more than once with new super-fashionable collections, and at this time brides are lazily leafing through the catalog of another designer and will again choose comfort – that is, their beloved husband, even if he cannot afford for 1.5 million. What’s wrong with that, found something to compare … A beautiful wedding ring is wonderful. But how can you compare it with decades of a happy life and a diamond wedding ahead?

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