Every owner of two-wheeled vehicles knows very well how important reliable protection is for him when he is parked for a long time in the open air. Sun, rain, snow, and extreme temperature changes can negatively affect the condition of the motorcycle and lead to its early failure. A high-quality motorcycle cover will avoid damage to the paintwork and prevent unnecessary costs.

A motorcycle cover is a guarantee of long-term operation

The assortment of motorcycle covers is constantly updated and replenished with new models. You can now choose a motorcycle seat cover as well as tarpaulins for maximum protection. The following types are on sale:

  • on the seat. These covers are designed to protect the seats from the negative effects of moisture and mechanical damage. Thanks to their use, the upholstery can be preserved for a long time, significantly increasing the level of driver’s comfort while driving;
  • covers for a tank that is subject to mechanical abrasion as a result of the impact of the knees of a motorcyclist. Products of this type are equipped with several pockets for storing and transporting small items (navigator, mobile phone);
  • steering wheel covers. They perform an exclusively decorative function, therefore they are selected in accordance with personal preferences, they are not put forward to certain strict requirements;
  • awnings. This is complete motorcycle protection that is worth using to provide reliable protection for your motorcycle from the effects of harsh weather conditions. For the manufacture of awnings, special materials are used that are moisture-resistant and not affected by ultraviolet radiation. This is the most popular type of case due to its high level of protection.


Before you buy a cover for a motorcycle seat or a full-fledged awning, you should familiarize yourself with the available range of products, their quality, and price. Material is one of the defining selection criteria. For sewing modern covers, durable moisture-resistant materials are used. These fabrics provide the maximum level of protection for motor vehicles from environmental influences.

When choosing a cover, pay attention to:

  • the quality of the material, which should not allow moisture and UV rays to pass through;
  • the presence of a lining or special impregnation that will protect the motorcycle from mold and mildew;
  • easy to wash and resistant to condensation;
  • strength;
  • a number of seams. Choose products with a minimum of seams to prevent water from entering them. It is important that all seams are glued or rubberized;
  • the presence of a soft layer inside. This additional layer protects the paint layer from mechanical damage when covering and removing the cover from the bike.

Experienced riders also pay special attention to the fire resistance of the cover, which the PVC coating can provide. Thanks to this property of the tarpaulin, it is possible to prevent damage to the motorcycle in the event of a fire near it.


There is a wide range of quality covers for various bike models on sale. It is worth remembering that not all of them are intended for outdoor use, since cheap products quickly fade in the sun, losing their protective properties after a few weeks of use. Seasonal items are suitable for use inside a garage or within a covered parking area.

For out-of-season, reliable moisture protection, it is better to buy a more expensive motorcycle cover, which is airtight and can provide protection in any condition. All-weather capes are produced by many brands, so there will be no difficulties with their purchase. On sale are innovative solutions and more budget products with a decent level of protection.

In addition to material and quality, consider other criteria:

  • dimensions. Modern brands pay attention not only to the quality of the materials used, but also to match the dimensions of the covers to a particular motorcycle model. An excellent selection of tents of different sizes (for various models of bikes, scooters, mopeds) is on sale, which allows you to choose the most suitable dimensions of the product for maximum protection of equipment from the influence of weather conditions. It is important that the cover does not flutter in the wind, dragging along the ground;
  • fixation. Look for items that are equipped with Velcro, zippers, clasps, and drawstrings along the hem. These covers are suitable for use in any environment, providing a high degree of moisture protection. Models that simply snap onto the bike can only be used indoors;
  • the presence of transparent windows at the room level. This is one of the main requirements for traveling outside our country since in some countries the police require the use of these covers for quick access to the license plates of the bike. The criterion is important for those who travel frequently and are not ready to part with their motorcycle;
  • appointment. We have already written about covers for individual bike parts and one-piece awnings;
  • cost. You can choose a motorcycle cover, the price of which depends on the quality of the materials used and the manufacturer. Covers from well-known brands are quite expensive, so many motorcycle owners prefer products from more democratic brands. Often, such cases are in no way inferior to branded ones, providing the proper level of protection;
  • perforation. A high-quality motorcycle cover has perforated inserts that save equipment from condensation on hot days. Do not underestimate the perforation, as it can extend the life of the paintwork and prevent fungus. Such inserts prevent mold from appearing on rubber parts and rust where there are small scratches;
  • design. For some motorcyclists, the color and design of the seat cover is often the determining criterion for selection. Undoubtedly, the color scheme of the product is an important point, but it is worth choosing an awning for the quality of the material, cut, and seams.

Benefits of using special covers

A high-quality motorcycle cover is a whole set of advantages:

  • dust protection. Dust leads to scratches on the paintwork of the equipment (especially when trying to remove it with a dry cloth);
  • protection from moisture and sunlight. Rain, snow, and heavy paintwork will significantly shorten the life of the coating, leading to fading and mold;
  • protection against theft and nosy passers-by. Most thefts take place in minutes due to ease of access to motorcycle controls. To reduce the possibility of motorcycle theft and protect it from passers-by who want to “just take a picture” or “push the buttons”, it is worth using an awning;
  • protection during wintering. Using a motorcycle cover, you can create an optimal microclimate under an awning, preventing the bike from rusting or getting damp under the influence of moisture and temperature extremes.

Having decided to buy a motorcycle cover, give preference to products of proven brands, light, and compact. Such awnings can be quickly folded into a backpack or wardrobe trunk, using in various situations. The ideal case takes up little space and is easy to use and transport.