The first thing we do after booking a flight, a train, a ferry or any other means of transport that will take us to the much-desired travel destination, is to look for accommodation.

Very often the search for a place to sleep is rather exhausting, aware of the fact that saving on accommodation has a considerable impact on the overall budget of the entire trip. 

And so we spend whole days in front of the PC screen or with our head bowed on the smartphone, browsing websites and reading every review left for that place, with the indecision that ends up making us book only a few days before departure.

To start on the right foot, you must first choose at least the type of accommodation and its category (3, 4, or 5-star hotel, hostel, apartment, camping), the types of services requested and the maximum amount that you are willing to pay. to spend, and then proceed with the search by immediately putting filters to avoid finding an infinity of proposals that are not useful for our needs. 

Also pay attention to the distance between the accommodation and the city center because if it is true that the further you get from the center the more the prices drop, you have to consider the inconvenience (and the price of public transport) to reach the main points of interest.

Since I have often found myself in this situation, here are my tips for finding cheap accommodation around the world.


Rate hostels

Hostels are no longer what we imagined them a few decades ago. They are now comparable to hotels with the difference of being able to choose whether to sleep in a room shared with other people or to choose a private one. I slept in hostels that looked like 4-star hotels.

Prices are lower than those charged by hotels, there is usually a kitchen where you can prepare meals and common areas where you can socialize with other guests.

The hostel is in my opinion the best place to socialize with other travelers from various parts of the world.

Apartments and private rooms

The apartment can be the best choice when you are traveling with your family, in groups of friends or when you decide to stay in one place for more than a weekend.

The portal par excellence to search for a private room in an apartment or an entire house is Airbnb (here you will find an Airbnb discount code that will allow you to save on your first booking) but HomeStay is also to be considered.


If, on the other hand, you really want to stay for free, completely immerse yourself in the local culture, sign up for the Couchsurfing community and immediately start looking for accommodation.

Many people are wary of sleeping in a stranger’s house and there is no need to blame them with everything that is heard around. However, the portal has an excellent system of reviews that can reassure even the most suspicious guests.


When you think about camping, your mind immediately flies to accommodations completely immersed in nature and far from inhabited centers. In the last few years, things have changed and campsites have been created at the gates of the big cities. 

Bed and Breakfast

When traveling can be interesting and cheap to stay in a bed and breakfast, an informal tourist accommodation that includes a bed (room with private bathroom or shared bathroom), and the first breakfast, whose prices are halfway between the hotel and the campsite.

Home exchange

If you are not jealous of your things and your spaces you could exchange yours for free with that of another individual in a country you would like to visit so much.

To do this, there are portals that put interested parties in contact. To find out more, I refer you to my guide on home exchange.

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