The courier is engaged in the delivery of documents that should not be sent by email, parcels, food, and other goods from the online store, flowers, and gifts. The courier service acts as a guarantor that the client will receive his order on time. By resorting to the services of a courier, the customer can use his own time more productively.

The position of the courier is available to everyone. Courier vacancies attract students, men, and women, who find it convenient to combine delivery work with other activities. The main requirement for applicants is the ability to move quickly and easily navigate the vastness of city streets.

Courier categories

  • Pedestrian couriers most often deliver documents, small parcels of food from the nearest cafeteria along a specific route and are assigned to a specific area. Free movement during rush hour, no need to stand in a traffic jam allows you to quickly deliver the order.
  • Bicycle couriers are engaged in the delivery of letters, packages of documents, small parcels. The work completion time takes from one hour or more, depending on the remoteness of the place of delivery from the point of departure. The cyclist is also not dependent on traffic jams, quickly moves along the route during rush hour, and can cover a much greater distance in less time than a walking courier.
  • Auto courier is engaged in the transportation of bulky parcels and oversized cargo, which are difficult to deliver by bike or moped. It is more rational to entrust the delivery of flowers and gifts by road. Courier services by car are in demand both for intracity transportation and for intercity cargo delivery.

Types of delivery

Services provide a wide range of services for the delivery of various goods. They can be conditionally divided into three types:

  1. By location. Here there is a territorial division within a specific area, city, and long-distance delivery. In this case, the client can send his parcel to any corner of the country.
  2. By the delivery time. There are several categories: express delivery takes from 4 hours to 2 days, depending on the location of the delivery point. Express delivery means receiving a parcel within a day, if in a city, or 4 days, if it is sent to another city. Standard delivery or an economy version of the service, for each company the delivery times vary according to their internal standards.
  3. By appointment. The client can order the delivery of parcels or documents to a specific address. In this case, the courier is not obliged to look for a specific person but can transfer the goods to any person living or located at this address. But hand-to-hand delivery requires a specialist to transfer the parcel directly to the person indicated in the accompanying documentation and to no one else.

The transfer of documentation, flowers, purchases, or parcels must be certified by the signature of the recipient, indicating the time and date of delivery. This is a mandatory requirement, so the courier must be careful and not forget about the reporting documentation.

Benefits of working in a courier service

  • Does not require special education, although the ability to find a common language with people and a certain level of stress resistance are welcomed.
  • Delivery of goods can be combined with study or other shift work.
  • Allows you to engage in self-development: listening to audiobooks, music, recording lectures or business training, affirmations, or motivating quotes.
  • Active work in the fresh air with pedestrian couriers or bicycle carriers allows you to keep your body in good physical shape.
  • Lack of constant supervision by the authorities.
  • The absence of reasons for the occurrence of conflict situations with colleagues, since you practically will not have to see them.
  • Study of the area, the most affordable shops, cafes, the location of various companies.
  • Tips from satisfied customers motivate us to promptly fulfill the duties of delivering orders. This is another opportunity to increase your budget.

 Negative sides of the courier profession

  • Finding the right address sometimes turns into a real quest. We have to contact the customer for additional instructions. It is much more difficult if the client himself has never been to the delivery point and cannot give constructive tips.
  • With a large volume of orders, the courier can count on not only good earnings but also a lack of time for lunch.
  • A certain level of stamina is required for foot and bike couriers. On average 3-4 deliveries are required per shift.
  • The weather conditions do not always favor the delivery man, so you have to carry out the delivery in the heat, and in the rain, and in the snow, and in the cold.
  • We have to deal with heavy and bulky goods. This is not the best way for the health of the spine.
  • Relatively low payment for delivery. Plus, each company has its own rules: someone pays an hourly salary, someone has a fixed monthly rate, but someone makes payments according to the number of completed applications.

Courier work is suitable for students. They can take evening shifts or earn extra money on weekends. Men with personal cars are in great demand for delivering parcels from online stores, as well as bulk cargo. In this area, there is a constant change of personnel, since this work is not suitable for a long career. 

Therefore, at the labor exchange, you can always find free courier vacancies. If you see a courier delivery service as a promising business, then you can develop a business plan and open your own company. Or you can purchase a franchise from a well-known company whose brand is already familiar and credible. And then you yourself will be able to provide courier vacancies to everyone.

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