The long-awaited vacation is approaching. You have already decided on the country where you plan to go, but then you have a painful choice about booking a hotel.

If you are not an experienced tourist, then, when you first see the mysterious abbreviations and foreign designations in the description of hotel rooms, you will definitely be visited by some confusion. The head will definitely go around from incomprehensible symbols.

In order not to confuse yourself and not to regret upon arrival that the hotel room does not meet expectations, you need to be savvy.

Then let’s understand the interpretation of the symbols.

Classification of hotel rooms by the number of guests

SNGL (single) – a single room with one bed is suitable if those who are traveling alone.

DBL (double) – a single room with a double bed – a great option for a couple traveling without children.

TWIN for two people with two separate single beds. You can stop the choice on it if you check into a room, for example, with a friend / girlfriend, brother / sister or colleague.

TRPL (Triple) – family option for three people. The room can be either 3 single beds, or one large and single bed.

QDPL (Quadriple) – four-bed accommodation for a family with two children.

ExB (Extra Bed) – the abbreviation stands for an extra bed (folding bed or sofa), which, upon request, can be installed in any type of room.

Classification of hotel rooms by composition and size

STD (standard) – a standard one-room suite, most often with an entrance hall, a bathroom, and a balcony. Standard rooms can be found in hotels with a small number of stars. The average room size is 16-22 sq. m. and is intended mainly for one or two guests.

Superior – superior room, which differs in size. This room category basically has similar features to the standard one, but it is made in a more sophisticated design, with the use of higher quality finishes, modern technology and stylish furniture.

The studio is a compact room in which the living room is combined with the kitchen. This type of housing resembles studio apartments. It has everything you need for living: a bed, a kitchenette with a stove and utensils. Room area does not exceed 20 sq.m., which is quite comfortable for 1-2 people.

Family room is a family room in demand among couples with children. In terms of content, it is similar to the Standard category, but differs in a larger area. The number of rooms in a family room can vary: two-room suite (bedroom and living room) or three-room suite (2 bedrooms and living room).

Family Studio – This category embodies the elements of the Studio and the Family Room. It is suitable for families with children. In addition to the standard set of characteristics, it has a kitchenette equipped with the necessary equipment and kitchen utensils.

Delux is a superb deluxe suite. The room is more comfortable. Compared to the Standard category, the deluxe has a larger area (22-28 sq.m.), a more attractive view from the window and a refined interior. Unlike a standard room, the deluxe offers additional services (slippers, bathrobes, etc.).

Suite – the category Suite, which is either a two-room suite (bedroom and living room), or a three-room suite (bedroom, living room and study, or 2 bedrooms and a living room). The interior of the suite is distinguished by its excellent design, luxurious furnishings, expensive furniture and decor items. In addition to interior decoration, the Suite offers the most picturesque views from the window – the sea, mountains, gardens. These rooms are very spacious and can be over 35 square meters. m. For the convenience of guests, in addition to the standard set of furniture, the price includes additional amenities (slippers, bathrobes, tea and coffee accessories, etc.). And also often the Suite rooms are equipped with an additional toilet, jacuzzi and other conveniences that create home comfort.

Presidential Suite – Presidential Suite. The luxury and scale of this category is striking. It consists of several large rooms (bedroom, living room, study, dining room, hall, several bathrooms and toilets, large balcony), which are distinguished by the most refined furnishings, expensive interior items, luxurious furniture and high-quality finishing materials. The Presidential Suite offers a stunning view from the window, thanks to its location on the highest floors of the hotel.

Business Room is a special room for businessmen. The room in this category is large and equipped with office equipment (computer, fax, internet, telephone, etc.) and office furniture. All conditions for the work of business people have been created here.

Honeymoon Suite is a Honeymoon Suite . This room is designed in a romantic style and is equipped with a large king size bed. Often, when ordering a room for the newlyweds, the hotel offers gifts and special service in the form of champagne and fruits, candlelight dinners, etc.

MB (Main Building) – accommodation in the main building of the hotel, where the reception is located.

Cabana – living in a separate building on the beach by the sea or by the pool.

Cottage – a cottage.

BGL, BG (Bungalow) – bungalows, detached one- or two-story houses on the territory of the hotel. Each room in the buildings has a separate entrance from the street, and the interior equipment can be different – from Standard to Suite. Bungalows are a great option for tourists who prefer to live in seclusion.

Villa – a villa, a detached building of one or more floors. Villas are an option for wealthy guests. Houses with luxurious furnishings inside are intended for single-family living. Villas are located in a quiet, unsociable location and are usually equipped with a private pool and large garden.

Classification of rooms by view from the window

Food classification

RO (Room Only) / AO (Accommodation Only) / BO (Bed Only) – accommodation not including meals. The literal translation is “bed only”, “room only” or “accommodation only”. This type of tour is the most budgetary option, providing travelers with only a place to stay without additional free meals.

BB (Bed and Breakfast) – literally translated as “bed and breakfast” – one of the most common options for tourists, which means breakfast. At the same time, there are several varieties of such food: CBF (continental breakfast of a drink and a bun with jam), EBF (an English breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast and a drink with a bun), ABF (an American breakfast that consists of a drink, a bun, hot, salads and sausage).

HB (Half Board) – half board, including breakfast and dinner. This type does not involve alcoholic drinks, snacks or lunch. Tourists can order alcoholic drinks on the spot or in the room with payment on the spot.

FB (Full Board) – translated as “full board” and involves three meals a day in a buffet format, with a variety of salads, first and second courses, fish and vegetable products, as well as soft drinks. Alcoholic drinks are not included in the FB category, but can be purchased at an additional cost.

ULTRA ALL / AI (Ultra All Inclusive) – an all-inclusive meal plan: breakfast-lunch-lunch-afternoon tea-dinner + alcohol and snacks. The menu can include cuisines of different countries of the world, drinks and sweets, including at night, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks of local and imported products.

It is not difficult to book a hotel room on your own if you know all the specifics in the qualification of rooms. To avoid getting into an awkward situation, prepare in advance using our cheat sheet. Or ask the hotel receptionist on site upon arrival. This will not only save you from unnecessary misunderstandings, but also make your stay comfortable and unforgettable.