It is usual that when a couple decides to take another step in their relationship and marry, he gives her an engagement ring. This jewel, which symbolizes love in the broadest sense of the word, began to be used in ancient Egypt and, as now, it was worn on the ring finger. 

At different points in history – and in different civilizations – this object reappears and is linked to marriage. It was in the Middle Ages when they began to be decorated with gems and different types of stone depending on the purchasing power of those who acquired them. Although if what it is about is to talk about an engagement ring similar to the ones they wear today.

Experts say that women observe this jewel about a million times throughout their lives, so it is not surprising that finding the perfect piece for each one is essential. But which one is the most successful? For some, it is a classic design, for others, a simple and minimalist jewel. They assure that the secret to success is to ” think about the tastes and personality of the bride “. A tip from the many who reveal to find the ideal jewel.

From your experience, when someone goes to buy an engagement ring, do they usually go alone or with someone?

Usually, you are accompanied by someone you trust to choose the perfect piece. It is important to take into account the tastes of the bride. Our advisers advise you to select the perfect engagement ring so that it is true to your style and personality.

Do they have clear ideas or do they usually need some advice?

Each engagement ring selection is unique. There are grooms who come with a clear idea of ​​how they want the engagement ring to be and instead, there are other grooms who want more advice. In our boutiques, the consultants always advise you with great enthusiasm, listening to them, so that the choice is perfect and thus find together the ideal engagement ring with which to surprise the future bride.

What does the perfect engagement ring look like?

The secret to getting the engagement ring right is to think about the tastes and personality of the bride. A ring chose with the heart, selected with illusion, and that represents a promise of eternal love, is the perfect ring. The Always u diamond wedding band from Rabat is a delicate and timeless piece that could be perfect for this unique moment.

What is the most sought after stone in this type of jewelry?

The diamond is a sure hit and the precious stone that we can see most in engagement rings. We have engagement rings with colored gemstones such as sapphire, ruby ​​, or emerald, which, like a diamond, give the engagement ring a magical and unique piece.

What advice would you give to someone who is going to buy an engagement ring? What should you keep in mind?

The advice we would give you is to take into account the tastes of the bride. To choose the perfect ring it is important that the piece reflects your style and personality.

What is the design that never fails? And the one that usually carries the most risk?

The choice that never fails and that is most often demanded is the solitaire with a central diamond, it is a sure hit, with a timeless and eternal design. Other options for less traditional brides are the alliances with several diamonds or the rings with precious gems such as rubies, sapphires, or emeralds. The latter is becoming a trend for engagement rings.

Although many engagement rings are classics, are there trends too? Do celebrities influence their choices?

Yes, there are also trends, every time we find more clients who go a step beyond the traditional engagement ring and dare with wonderful designs with precious stones or opt for custom designed rings. Celebrities have a lot of influence on new trends but not so much on the final choice, since who to think about is who that ring is directed at, the bride who is going to receive it.

Is there also the possibility of creating an exclusive ring for each woman?

Yes, we offer unique and exclusive pieces if the client wishes. We have a team of professional jewelers, who will craft and make the ring of your dreams come true. We create special memories for a lifetime.

To what extent are jewelry important in a bridal look?

Bridal jewelry is essential to make it shine on one of the most important days of your life. The bridal look is a representation of the personality, in choosing the dress your most personal style is taken into account; the same goes for jewelry. 

This accessory has stopped being a simple detail of ornamentation of the look to become one of the most essential elements of this day. More and more, earrings, bracelets, and pendants take on more prominence, providing points of light in the total look of the bride.

Some brides wear bracelets, other pendants, but what they do not give up is beautiful earrings. Do you usually ask for very specific designs? What are the most demanded?

Nothing will bring more light to the face than some earrings chosen for the big day. White gold and diamond jewels will conquer the hearts of all brides. 

There are brides who choose double earrings, pearl earrings, diamond creoles … earrings are part of the look, the choice of these depends on the taste and personality of each one and we listen to them to offer them their most desired earrings.

Although there are jewels designed for very special occasions (such as weddings), do you notice that brides want pieces that they can reuse in their day today?

The jewels for the most special day can also be timeless jewels and perfect to wear on other occasions. Some jewels chosen for the most important day of their lives will make each time they put them on, the precious memory of that unforgettable day comes to mind.

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