Pink Diamonds are the birthstone for April and a symbol of lasting love and prosperity. They have long been courted (and used to court) as the pinnacle of gemstones, so we’ve decided to find out which diamonds are the most valuable.

The Pink Diamonds a Pink Star, valued at 60 million dollars at 59.60 carats. The Pink Diamonds or “Pink Star” is the most expensive diamond.

“This stone is really extraordinary, it’s a bit like bubbly pink champagne.

The spectacular pink stone – a color that fascinates collectors – measures 2.66 cm out of 2.06, and its thickness is 1.36 cm.

If the “Pink Star”, which has been mounted on a ring, the price per gram would rise to five million dollars or one million dollars per carat.

The record for a diamond sale was set in with the 24.78-carat “Graff Pink,” which was sold for $ 46.2 million.

The record price of a carat was broken in 2009 in Hong Kong with 2.15 million dollars for a five-carat diamond.

The size of the Pink Diamonds or “Pink Star” is twice the size of the “Graff Pink”, so it is assumed that it will break the record.

Its pink color is also more intense than that of the «Graff Pink», the expert stressed, underlining that pink diamonds are classified into five shades, according to their intensity, and the intense pink («fancy vivid») of «Pink Star» is the most coveted of all.

“It is a very lucid color, very feminine,” the expert stressed, while admiring the precious stone that was worn by a beautiful model.

The jewelry expert pointed out that the stone, characterized as a “pure diamond”, is exceptional since among the pink diamonds the pure ones are very rare at a level of five carats and this is a stone of 59.6 carats.

“Its exceptional richness of color, established as hot pink by the United States Institute of Gemology, along with its exceptional size, are characteristics that surpass all known pink diamonds in state collections, royal or private.

The Institute classified the pink diamonds in the “Type IIa” category, a level reserved for just 2% of diamonds, the purest stones that offer extraordinary optical transparency.

The ‘Pink Star’ was discovered in 1999 in a South African mine by the De Beers diamond group. Raw, the stone weighed 132.5 carats.

The diamond was part of the exhibition of the seven most important diamonds in the world.

Gems or pink diamonds are more fashionable than ever. And it is that the auction house has prepared for the next special bid known as the ‘Magnificent Jewels’ auction. In it, the ‘Pink Star’ stands out, an elegant 14.83 carat diamond of intense purple-pink type IIA. The largest-ever auctioned and it is estimated that it will reach a value between 23 and 38 million dollars.

The growing demand for pink diamonds

Pink diamonds are rising in value and collectors are watching them with interest. Especially for its potential return as an investment, especially now that those with significant wealth are increasingly looking to park their assets outside of the stock market.

Generally, pink diamonds have been selling on average over $ 1.6 million per carat. But their value is expected to rise as the mine they came from closes later this year drastically reducing the chance of finding quality pink diamonds. 

Those who want to see these exceptional pink diamonds ten thousand times more difficult to find in nature than a white diamond.

This bright pink beauty, formerly known as Steinmetz Pink, is the largest pink diamonds ever discovered. It has even been awarded the title of ‘Vivid Pink’ – the highest ranking from the Gemological Institute of America. The 59.60-carat diamond was bought by a diamond cutter, but it turned out that he couldn’t afford it. Currently, it is estimated to have a value of 60.7 million dollars.

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