The strong economic crisis that is characterizing these years should make us reflect on an alternative lifestyle, as well as the severe climate changes we are witnessing. So after our tips on how to save fuel and the alternative uses of the bicycle, here are now some valid reasons to use the bike as a means of transport.

13 Reasons to use the bicycle

1) If, due to the crisis, it is not easy to access a loan, especially for precarious workers: then buying a new bike, perhaps in installments, will certainly be easier than obtaining a loan for a new car. Even more convenient to choose a used bike, but in this case, before buying, we recommend reading our article on “how to buy a used bicycle”;

2) Compared to the car, the bicycle certainly has a lower environmental impact: fewer materials to build it, less energy for its production, and lower costs for distribution and transport.>

3) Unlike motor vehicles, bicycles do not have any kind of polluting emissions. It does not consume fuel, oil, or other substances harmful to the environment.

4) The use of the bicycle drastically reduces the wear of the road surface with a consequent saving by taxpayers for the maintenance costs of the asphalt.

5) If you can’t do without the car, perhaps for business reasons, consider having a bicycle as a second means of transport. This will save you many dollars every year. Maybe use it on the weekend to run errands that you usually run in the car.

6) Riding a bicycle as well as being fun will be good for your health and that of others. Aerobic activity will allow you, according to your driving style and the route traveled, to burn up to 600 calories per hour. It has been estimated that those who cycle to work can lose up to 10 kg without changing their eating habits.

7) The use of bicycles in metropolitan areas would allow a great saving of resources. Suffice it to say that about 10 bicycles could be comfortably parked in a parking space. Car parks have a strong environmental impact and are a great waste of resources.

8) Bicycles do not consume any type of fuel and if you consider the expensive gasoline that has characterized recent years, you will understand how a two-wheeled culture could be a valid alternative for green mobility and for your wallet.

9) Bicycling can be a fast and efficient way to get around, often more so than with a car. This is especially true in urban areas with a good network of cycle paths. There is no better thrill than moving nimbly while others stand in line paralyzed in the grip of traffic.

10) Another advantage deriving from the use of the bicycle is the savings on the maintenance of the vehicle. Many routine tasks are simple to perform and can even be done on your own. And even if you resort to a specialized workshop, or even better to a bike workshop, the costs will be far from those you will have to bear with a car.

11) The bicycle is certainly one of the cheapest means of transport on the entire planet. It allows moving easily to those who cannot bear the expenses related to the purchase or maintenance of a car.

12) Studies have shown that those who cycle to work are healthier, more productive, and less absent from their jobs than those who do it in other ways.

13) Even if, especially in big cities like Rome and Milan, cycling is not really “a walk”, recent studies have shown that the bicycle represents one of the best anti-stress: taking a ride not only relaxes but is good for you also to the couple.

As we have seen, there are many good reasons to run to the garage to dust off our bicycle and allow ourselves, with the arrival of the beautiful days, a nice ride in the open air.