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This is a really important job and should be done by someone who knows what they’re doing.

An alternative to a traditional floor-standing toilet is installation. Before buying plumbing for the toilet, study the features of the various models on the market.

What is the installation of a wall-hung toilet?

This is a hinged structure mounted on the wall. It consists of a frame and a plumbing fixture attached to it (sink, toilet, urinal, bidet). The narrow drain tank and the technical filling are hidden inside the structure, which is closed from above by a console with controls. To access internal communications, simply remove the thin outer panel with buttons.

The installation system saves space in the bathroom or toilet, taking up a minimum of space. Has a presentable appearance, fits into the interior design, reliable, easy to use.

Types of structures by plumbing method of installation

Manufacturers produce two main types of suspended structures, which differ in the method of attachment:

  1. Block. Attached directly to the wall of the room. It is installed on a capital wall that can withstand the load. Special anchor bolts are used for fastening.
  2. Ramna. It is mounted to the floor, due to which the load falls on it. The frame design allows adjusting the height of fastening of a toilet bowl in the range of 20 cm.

Varieties of installation systems

Depending on the location and size, there are the following types of structures:

  • Standard. Installed in toilets and bathrooms of typical apartments. Approximate dimensions: width – 50 cm; height – 112 cm; installation depth – 12 cm.
  • Low. Recommended for places with limited height, such as under the window sill. The size of the frame is not more than 82 cm.
  • Bilateral. It has two plumbing elements attached to different sides of the partition. Used in offices or public places.
  • Angular. Equipped with a special corner mount. The mount is placed in the corner of the bathroom. Angular options are the optimal solution in the absence of free space.
  • For line installation. A system that combines several hygienic devices on the wall. The structural elements are installed in one row.

Features of the flush button

When choosing an installation, pay attention to the execution of the drain button. There are several options: dual-mode, equipped with a “flush-stop”, contactless. The first two varieties are easy to operate, inexpensive, do not require power or battery connection. The double key allows, if necessary, to stop water draining.

Contactless options work in touch mode, which responds to human presence. Require special installation and connection of the button. Such a device is much more expensive than the previous ones.

Advantages of suspended and floor models

  • Space-saving and optimal use of space. Wall-mounted toilets, urinals, washbasins take up less space than usual.
  • Beautiful design. Modern plumbing fixtures are perfect for any interior. Pipes, adapters, and other technical details are hidden inside the wall.
  • Hygiene. The absence of a sink or toilet leg, on which germs accumulate, allows you to more closely monitor the cleanliness.
  • Noise reduction during rain. The built-in tank is equipped with sound insulation that absorbs the sound of water.
  • Reliability. The strong metal framework maintains the weight of a toilet bowl and the person sitting on it.


  • Complexities of installation, the need to take into account many points: the height of the mount, location, installation features of internal elements.
  • High cost compared to traditional models.

Installation systems from the best plumbing manufacturers

The online store offers a large selection of plumbing for every taste at low prices. You can buy installations, additional toilets, kits for concealed installation. Other well-known brands are on sale. If there are difficulties with the choice, the plumbing store’s consultants will tell you which company’s products are best to buy.