Most people do have sun protection on the inside of the window. For example, think of roller blinds or blinds. But have you ever thought about window coverings on the outside? With screens and shutters keep you both the light and the warmth of the sun against. But what exactly are the differences? In this article, we list all the advantages and disadvantages of screens and roller shutters. This way you can decide what is the best option for you.

What is a screen?

Screens are among the most modern options for outdoor sun protection. Because the sun is already blocked before the window has been reached, the glass does not heat up. This is the case with indoor sun protection. Another well-known option for outdoor shading is the awning. However, screens are less sensitive to wind. The cloth slides vertically downwards. Due to the tight placement on the window, a screen catches less wind than an awning. This is especially true for zip screens. Our zipper screen Comfort and zipper screen Smart also have a weighted bottom rail and two-part guide. This offers even more sturdiness. In strong winds from wind force 8 it is advisable to pull up the cloth.

Why choose a screen?

One of the biggest advantages of screens is that you can still see through them. Especially during the day, it is nice not to live in complete darkness. Our best-selling screen cloth has a light transmission of only 3%: you can still see outside during the day, but the neighbor across the street can’t see in. For many, the elegant appearance is also a reason to choose screens. Screens have a smaller cassette and fewer eyes less closed than a roller shutter. We, therefore, notice that some people want to replace their shutters with screens. 

For the sleekest appearance, choose the Smart zipper screen. The bottom lath disappears completely in the cassette (for screens up to 4 meters wide). Most screws are also concealed invisibly. Finally, a screen cloth allows air to pass through. So do you want to keep out the sunlight, but do you also need fresh air? Then (if possible) open the window with the cloth down.

What is a roller shutter?

Roller shutters have been a popular choice for years to keep out the heat and cold. A roller shutter is also used for other purposes. Think, for example, of insulation and burglary prevention. In the next paragraph, we will discuss these additional benefits in more detail. Roller shutters are available in different armor weights. The higher the armor weight, the sturdier the slats are, and the better a roller shutter is resistant to wind.

Why choose a roller shutter?

You can benefit from a roller shutter all year round. In the summer, a roller shutter keeps the heat out, while in the winter a roller shutter helps against the cold. A roller shutter is also resistant to frost. This is in contrast to a screen. A roller shutter also dampens noise. Great if you live on a busy road or along the railway. Another big plus is the fact that roller shutters are burglar-resistant. 

So you kill two birds with one stone: Keep both heat/cold and burglars out. Another property of roller shutters is that they are blackouts. This can be very nice in the bedroom, but less desirable in the living room. Finally, a frequently asked question is: “Which is cheaper: shutters or screens?” As a rule, screens are more expensive than roller shutters. The costs can therefore be a reason to choose roller shutters.

Conclusion: what is the difference between screens and shutters?

The main difference between screens and roller shutters is that screens are summer products and roller shutters can be used all year round. In addition, as mentioned earlier, there are a number of smaller differences. 

Save on energy bill

You read it; both products have their own unique advantages. So the question “ Which is better, shutters or screens ?” we can answer as follows: That choice depends on which benefits are most important to you. They do have one big advantage in common: savings on energy bills. Another well-known option for keeping heat out in the air conditioning. Unfortunately, an air conditioner is quite pricey to purchase and it doesn’t even stop there. Air conditioners consume energy. With a screen or roller shutter, you are certainly much cheaper in the long term! So are you in doubt between air conditioning or screens and shutters? Be sure to think about that energy bill. In winter, a roller shutter also keeps the cold out, which also saves you on heating costs. So a win-win!

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