Window shutters are an archaic element of the interior that served as a shutter to the windows for protection from sun and malt. They are designed to protect the home from bad weather and thieves. 

Modern shutters are a decorative element that gives homes and cottages originality and functionality in the interior. In addition to the decorative function are protective, creating a reliable system against burglaries. Today there is a wide variety: from classic monolithic structures to functional roller shutters.

Depending on the type of opening system are:

  • swing (single-leaf, double-leaf);
  • folding (folding into an accordion when closed);
  • solid from a single sheet of metal or wood;
  • roller shutters (rolling into a roll, by means of a rotating drum);
  • sliding (grilles moving to the edges of the window opening).

According to the location they are:

  • internal;
  • outdoor.

External shutters are installed from the outside of the houses, while internal shutters are installed indoors.

External shutters can be:

  • removable;
  • non-removable (stationary).

Most often they are made from the following materials:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • plastic.

The most popular are swing shutters made of metal or wood. Often, these are additionally decorated with decorative elements, carvings, and forging. In shape, they are predominantly rectangular, completely filling the window space, but they can also be square, round and oval, depending on the design idea.

Basic functions of shutters

The main function of the shutters is protective. Previously, protected from excess sunlight and the gaze of strangers. Modern shutters fulfill different functions:

  • protect from sunlight;
  • allow you to keep warm in the house;
  • protect from external noise;
  • create an attractive appearance;
  • protect against the penetration of thieves and burglars.

It is installed mainly in country houses and cottages, where they are assigned the function of a means of protection against theft. However, they can, like blinds, control the temperature in the room and prevent the penetration of cold air in winter.

Thief protection

Designed to protect against thieves, are made of metal. This protective barrier provides maximum security when attempting to burglary. These are solid and reliable structures that are not subject to burglary and can withstand the most severe loads, up to and including exposure to welding tools. Metal blinds from thieves are made of stainless steel or steel. Mostly these are lattice or solid shutters, which are opened by means of a locking system. It is simply impossible to open such a lock system from the outside, so this is a serious obstacle to thieves.

Weather protection

Due to the size that exactly matches the doorway, reliably protect against rain, snow, and cold and at the same time allow air to circulate freely without heat transfer. It is made of any material will provide excellent protection from wind and cold, and at the same time keep the warmth inside the room. Also, in the sultry heat, closed shutters will provide a minimum pass of warm air, so the house will be fresh and cool. In addition to temperature control, it allows you to control lighting, keep the shade in the upper rooms of a multi-story building, and protect from the wind.

Home decoration

Shutters have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and in a modern interior, they are used not only as a facade design but also as a decorative element inside the room. They can perform the function of framing the window space, decorated with carvings and various decorative elements. In the interior, they can be used as blinds to control the lighting and ventilation of the room. Also, they allow you to maintain privacy and protect your home from prying eyes. In a modern interior, it will look very stylish and original, as they go well with any style.