Threading an engagement ring has a long tradition that dates back to antiquity. As a sign that the bride had received the dowry, the ring became the romantic symbol we know today.

The engagement ring is the symbol of the promise of marriage which symbolizes dedication and obligation towards the beloved partner.

Already the shape of the ring gives a clue to the meaning: round, without beginning or end, it therefore became the universal symbol of eternal love and fidelity , perfection and infinity.

The historical significance of the engagement ring from ancient times to today

The meaning of the engagement ring has changed throughout history from antiquity to the present day.

In ancient times it was believed that the ring finger had a direct connection with the heart and, for this reason, the ring was put on the left hand of the beloved (the left is the part of the heart) as a sign of infinite love and eternal bond.

Already during the Middle Ages, the woman received from the suitor a ring as a promise of marriage. Such use was so serious that it was forbidden for women to wear a ring just for fun.

Later, the so-called twin rings appeared. A couple of rings that could be worn together. The man wore his ring until marriage, after which he gave it to the woman who from then on would wear it as a wedding ring.

Nowadays the ring is an integral part of the official announcement of a wedding. Normally the man is the one who chooses and buys the ring.

Engagement ring – tradition, individuality, and meaning vs value

If in other countries the value of the engagement ring depends on the salary, in Italy we try to guess the woman’s taste so that the ring is liked.

Obviously, the choice of material, as well as the size of the diamond, is also important for us, however for many women the individuality and meaning of the engagement ring are in the foreground.

For most of the wearers, the important thing is the traditional meaning of the ring. The woman wears it as a symbol of infinite love and fidelity to her partner.

Engagement Rings – Still Trendy?

The gift of an engagement ring is still as trendy as before. In some classes this use is recent. Previously, the delivery of a ring was reserved for young noblemen and wealthy citizens of the upper classes of society. For ordinary people, a diamond and precious metal ring was simply too expensive.

With the economic growth of the 1950s, salaries increased and this meant that more men could give a precious ring to their beloved. From the ritual strictly reserved for high society, the tradition of the ring has become a tradition for everyone. Since the 1970s, the number of couples in which at least one continually wears an ring has been on the rise. 

Even today there is the tradition of the man who surprises his partner with an engagement ring. It used to be common for men to wear an engagement ring as well. Today 90% of men give one away but wear the ring only from the wedding day.

Numerous VIP couples ensure, thanks to pompous parties and imposing engagement rings, that this tradition does not quickly fall into oblivion. Many young people imitate the habits of celebrities and so the next generation will carry on the tradition of the engagement ring .

Why the engagement ring?

Why the engagement ring? This question is always asked by those men who do not know the traditional meaning and emotional value of the ring. Here are the top 5 reasons why it is worth spending a fortune on a diamond ring :

  1. The most important reason for so many men: the investment is so romantic (for her) and unique (for him). Those who are really sure of their partner only need an engagement ring 😉
  2. The most important reason for many women: all, really all friends and acquaintances, will be enthusiastic about the sparkle of the diamond (not so small …)
  3. Partner quote: Do you always have to ask these questions? Can’t you be a little romantic at least once?
  4. 1.57 dollar (for the ring) divided by the years to come that you have before you (many!): Oh, wow, that’s a couple of dollars a year!
  5. Group obligation: All friends have an engagement ring or will receive one very soon.

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