Signage on their types

The signage construction in bulk or flat design is located, as a rule, on the facade of the building, next to the entrance, which informs about the organization or company, located inside the building.  Modern signage usually performs two functions that are difficult to separate from one another: it is information delivery and as a means of advertising, the signage belongs to the category of outdoor advertising and, above all, performs an image function. According to the fact, the signage is the business card of a building or premises, to help the visitor to understand, that is inside, not stepping inside. Signs can be conventionally divided into light and non- light . Non-illuminated signs For non-illuminated signboards are signed, not having their own illumination. Usually, such a signage is an image or an inscription on a substrate ( most often made of metal, cellular polycarbonate or foamed PVC ). The image may be printed on vinilivoy film and glued on the substrate ,or applied by a direct UV – printing . Plates are also referred to non- illuminated signs . Non-illuminated advertising signs – it is the least expensive segment in the means of outdoor advertising. They allow multiple reduced spending on advertising design, by comparison with the light constructs. K disadvantages nonoptical signage should include their inefficiency by comparison with light signage in the evening and night time. Illuminated signs […]

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What Maintenance And Building Inspection Should The Elevator Of My Building Meet?

If you are the president of a community of neighbors or responsible for maintaining a building, you may wonder what maintenance and building inspection requirements your elevator has to meet. The Complementary Technical Instruction AEM 1 “Lifts” of the Regulation of lifting and handling devices, sets the guidelines that the elevator must […]